Consulting Services

You’ve decided that in order to deliver patient care that meets your standards, you must open your own independent outpatient rehabilitation practice. And now that the decision is made, there is just so much to do! It can seem like a daunting task when you consider all of the bits and pieces you must pull together in order to open your practice. Even the best clinical therapist can lack the business training and experience needed to make certain they have everything in place to open the doors for the first patient.

RAN has been working hand-in-hand with outpatient therapy providers in North and South Carolina since 1998, and their staff has more than fifty combined years of experience dealing with the details.

RAN offers a menu of fee-based consulting services that you can purchase according to your needs, as stand-alone assistance or as a precursor to RAN Membership for your practice.

Administrative Services
  • Medicare Registration and Number
  • NPI Registration
  • Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Local Business License
  • HIPAA Manual (with patient forms in English and Spanish)
  • Fee Schedule Development
  • Coding Guides
  • Fraud & Abuse
  • Policy & Procedure Manual for Outpatient Therapy Practice
Human Resource Services
  • Employee File(s)
  • Employee Reference Check, NPDB and OIG Query, License Verification
  • Performance Evaluation Form
  • Policy and Procedure Manual for Outpatient Rehab Practice
Managed Care Contracting & Analysis
  • Non-RAN MCO Contracts