Have you ever wished that you had an experienced Managed Care Department staffed with experts who conduct a thorough analysis of language and reimbursements terms on every participating provider agreement?

Have you ever wished that you had a reliable Verification Department where proven professionals handle health plan participation applications, conduct credentials authentications, maintain and track upcoming re-credentialing needs?

Suppose these same trained experts could provide you with a thoroughly researched HIPAA Compliance Program that includes all the necessary forms and notices in both English and Spanish?

And, what if you had unlimited access to these experts on a daily basis? It's not just wishful thinking

RAN members benefit from:
  • Expansion of Referral Base through Managed Care Contracts
  • On-going member relations, seminars and newsletters
  • Networking with other Providers with similar Concerns and Interests
  • Practice Support through RAN Member Provider Manual, Practice Marketing Strategies Kit and Managed Care Manual
  • Support with regulatory issues such as HIPAA
  • Mediator with Contracted Payors
  • Reduction in Participation Provider Paperwork due to delegated credentialing held by RAN
  • Access to value added purchasing programs representing substantive savings on supplies and services
Membership Requirements:
  • Facilities must be substantially (51% or more) owned by an independent Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech Language Pathologist, or other approved discipline provider
  • All facilities must pass initial site visit audit, which may include, but not be limited to, review of: Patient Charts; Personnel Files; Physical Plant Inspection; HIPAA Compliance
  • Each Member location is required to: Have a representative in attendance at the Annual RAN Provider Meeting; Submit credentialing and recredentialing materials to the RAN Office on a timely basis; Participate in the Managed Care Organization Contracts held by RAN
  • Local Business License

RAN Membership allows independent clinics to be part of a network of colleagues, have access to an experienced staff yet maintain the autonomy of ownership and practice management that is an integral page of health care strategy for private practice. Why Wait? There's no obligation when you contact us for more details.
To learn more about these services and other benefits of membership in Rehabilitation Associates Network, Inc. (RAN) please contact us at 1-800-227-0776.